Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

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  • 2018-03-20
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Landmark Realities were formed in 2010 and we have been in Montreal Real Estate for a lot longer. With our Agents collective property skills and knowledge, we would love to share our top tips with you in order to give you the best possible property experience.

Knowing what mistakes sellers commonly come across when selling a property is something everyone must be aware of to avoid and improve their selling experience. Check out our top mistakes to avoid when selling your home:

Trying to sell alone

Some people decide to try and sell their property alone, with no real estate professional help in order to keep costs to a minimum and save time. However, some things are better left to the professionals, and selling property is one of them! Trying to sell alone can in fact cost more and take more time than if you choose a real estate professional because you won’t have the resources and experience like the professionals do to sell your property, for the best possible price, to the right buyer in the shortest amount of time.

Overpricing your property

Without the right knowledge of the market and correct professional advice, sellers won’t know the best sale price that their home should be listed for. This could result in overpricing the property which would mean a reduced interest in potential buyers. An experienced agent will be able to use their knowledge of the market to come up with the best possible asking price.

Other damaging effects of overpricing property can include:

It will take to much time to sell the property
Buyer finance approval problems
Better competition
Eventual lower sale price

So, If you want to find out more and gain professional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Worrying about little things

Selling property will be one of the biggest financial decisions of most people’s lives, so it’s crucial that you don’t worry about the little things, putting everything into perspective. Don’t get distracted by the costs of upgrades and repairs before selling. Once the property is sold for the best possible price with the help of your real estate professional, you will forget about all these small frustrations.

Working with the wrong estate agent

It’s important that you choose the best real estate agency. You need to ensure that your chosen estate agency has your best interest in mind and will use their resources to ensure you receive the best possible price and best experience along the process You may be surprised that there are a lot of real estate companies out there that don’t take their clients into consideration and are just out to make more money.

Choose an estate agent with plenty of experience, great reviews and who will understand exactly what you are looking for such as Landmark Realties >

How to sell your property the right way?

If you are looking to sell your property and are considering doing it alone, with no prior property selling experience, then don’t! It can be a very daunting process and even if you think you will be saving time and money, you probably won’t. It’s important to gain expert help, and with our knowledge of the current real estate in Canada, we know exactly what you need! So if you would like to find out more about how we can help you sell your property the right way, contact us today for more information.


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