Covid 19, and first-time buyers. What you need to know about it

Covid 19 sneaked upon us like a thieve in the night. We had to change everything we know. From buying food to even buying homes.

For first-time buyers, this is even harder. And, before you just go and start buying your home, there are a couple of things you need to know and consider. And, if this is safety you are worried about, you don’t need to. We all are trying to keep our social distancing, even when we are seeing first-time buyers.

Info about Covid 19 and mortgage brokers

During Covid-19, you want to understand that our mortgage brokers are still right here to recommend you on your actual property desires and loan loans. Even if the state of affairs is honestly difficult, we're nonetheless available to discuss approximately your desires with you by telephone or by electronic mail. We also can organize appointments in our workplace in Pointe-Claire. House visits are nonetheless viable but restrained.

Real estate agents will restrict the number of people for house visits in addition to the length of the visit. We don't forget the fitness of our clients first. The proprietor and clients need to want to disinfect their palms before beginning a visit and hold social distancing among them. Although we realize that the date of July 1st is drawing close, we try to make the entirety viable to fulfill our clients. The loan broker could have a mask with gloves and keep the social distancing with clients.

Covid 19 and mortgage rates

Mortgage brokers recognize that in Covid-19, Canadian owners are checking to peer if loan charges are dropping or not. We all recognize that the state of affairs is alarming. However, our agents are there to assist and reassure you. Solutions may be refinancing and checking your loan contract to look if the lender can provide you a repayment. The goal is to see if a penalty received devour all your refinancing savings.

In order to peer the evolution of loan charges, you could move on mortgage costs Quebec so one can evaluate all mortgage charges. You also can go on our respectable website to test the modern fee updates.

How to handle Covid 19 when you need to purchase a home

Everybody is inside an identical case than you. This state of affairs went fast but you just need to simply accept the state of affairs. Sales have reduced and mortgage rates as nicely. All owners and dealers are worried approximately the situation. Clients too. Our real property sellers and mortgage agents will do the maximum to help you. Every problem has a solution


The moment that it is safe to start selling homes again, you can rest assured that we are going to do our best with the virus. To make sure that we are staying safe, but to ensure that our clients are safe as well. We need to accept that this virus isn’t going anywhere, but with some changes and by taking extra precautions, there is always a way that we can assist you without risking getting the virus.

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