Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Landmark Realities were formed in 2010 and we have been in Montreal Real Estate for a lot longer. With our Agents collective property skills and knowledge, we would love to share our top tips with you in order to give you the best possible property experience.

Knowing what mistakes sellers commonly come across when selling a property is something everyone must be aware of to avoid and improve their selling experience. Check out our top mistakes to avoid when selling your home:

Trying to sell alone

Some people decide to try and sell their property alone, with no real estate professional help in order to keep costs to a minimum and save time. However, some things are better left to the professionals, and selling property is one of them! Trying to sell alone can in fact cost more and take more time than if you choose a real estate professional because you won’t have the resources and experience like the professionals do to sell your property, for the best possible price, to the right buyer in the shortest amount of time.

Overpricing your property

Without the right knowledge of the market and correct professional advice, sellers won’t know the best sale price that their home should be listed for. This could result in overpricing the property which would mean a reduced interest in potential buyers. An experienced agent will be able to use their knowledge of the market to come up with the best possible asking price.

Other damaging effects of overpricing property can include:

It will take to much time to sell the property
Buyer finance approval problems
Better competition
Eventual lower sale price

So, If you want to find out more and gain professional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Worrying about little things

Selling property will be one of the biggest financial decisions of most people’s lives, so it’s crucial that you don’t worry about the little things, putting everything into perspective. Don’t get distracted by the costs of upgrades and repairs before selling. Once the property is sold for the best possible price with the help of your real estate professional, you will forget about all these small frustrations.

Working with the wrong estate agent

It’s important that you choose the best real estate agency. You need to ensure that your chosen estate agency has your best interest in mind and will use their resources to ensure you receive the best possible price and best experience along the process You may be surprised that there are a lot of real estate companies out there that don’t take their clients into consideration and are just out to make more money.

Choose an estate agent with plenty of experience, great reviews and who will understand exactly what you are looking for such as Landmark Realties >

How to sell your property the right way?

If you are looking to sell your property and are considering doing it alone, with no prior property selling experience, then don’t! It can be a very daunting process and even if you think you will be saving time and money, you probably won’t. It’s important to gain expert help, and with our knowledge of the current real estate in Canada, we know exactly what you need! So if you would like to find out more about how we can help you sell your property the right way, contact us today for more information.

Buy or Rent? Your biggest Financial Decision

For many people, it comes to the point in your life when it’s time to move into your own home. For most this is a one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives so it’s important to weight up the options and see what’s right for you.

Benefits of Buying

Buying a home can come with many benefits, one of the most obvious being once you have paid off your mortgage, you will own the house. It’s important to consider the benefits of either buying or renting a property before you make that crucial decision.

Other benefits of buying property include:

  • No landlord who could make you move
  • Buying is cheaper than renting (in the long run)
  • You could make a profit on your home if house prices increase and you decide to sell.
  • You can renovate to increase the properties value

If you want to figure out how much mortgage you can afford to pay, check out our handy Mortgage Calculator Here>>

Benefits of Renting

Although there are certainly many benefits buying a home, there are positives of renting too. If you don’t like staying in one place too long it can be a lot quicker to move home when you need to.

Other benefits of renting property include:

  • Cost of rent can work out a lot cheaper to pay per month than mortgage payments.
  • More cash to play with in the short term on holidays or a new car… For example.
  • More freedom – If you rent a property and there is a problem, it’s your landlords legal responsibility to fix it. Whereas if you buy a property, the responsibilities are your own.
  • You could rent a bigger home in a nicer area than you could afford to buy.

So Shall I Buy or Rent?

I depends on your situation but if you can save up enough money and want to work your way up the property ladder, earning more money in the future then buying a home could be for you. If on the other hand you want more money to spend on things such as holidays or a new car with more freedom, renting could be for you.

If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. For further mortgage advice, visit our mortgage website here>

Top Tips on preparing your Montreal Home to Rent

Whether you have decided to invest in the property market or have become ‘accidental landlords’, it’s important that you know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to prepare your home to rent to ensure the process has no faults.

Follow our top tips below on how to prepare your home to rent:

Inspect your home

Before anything is set in stone you need to inspect your property to make sure a tenant will want to live there. You can do this by cleaning up, looking at the safety of the property and deciding what you will be taking with you.

Clean up

One of the most common reasons a renter may change their mind about living in a property is if it’s unclean. Make your home look like new, clean the floors, furniture and windows. Paint the walls and make each room look brighter. Although you need to choose the right tenant to live in your property, it’s important to make sure that whoever views your home will actually want to live in it otherwise you may never be able to rent it.

Look at safety

It’s important that you tenants feel safe while living in your property and it is your legal responsibility to make sure your home is safe. Ensure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and equip the kitchen with a suitable fire extinguisher and make sure no electrics are faulty.

Decide what to take and what to keep

If you decide to take some major home appliances make sure that you tell your tenant before their move in. This gives them enough time to replace any essential appliances such as cookers or furniture so they don’t become stuck when the time comes to move in.

How to manage renting your home

Are you planning to rent your property alone or take some expert property management advice? If you are planning to rent your self make sure that you secure a legal lease document for the tenant to sign which you can later refer to.

If you are looking to hire a property management company they usually charge between 4% to 12% of the monthly rent of their services.

Screen Tenants carefully

One of the most important things to do when preparing your home to rent is to screen all possible applicants to make sure you choose a reliable tenant which will pay the rent each month on time.

Some questions you should ask are:

  • Why are they moving?
  • When do they plan to move in?
  • Can you get references from a previous landlord? – You can ask previous
  • landlords if the possible tenant was late paying the rent and if they kept the property in good condition.
  • Will they give consent to running a credit check?
  • How many people will be living in the property?

If you are looking to rent property in Montreal, Landmark group are expert Montreal Real Estate Agents that are here to help! For more information, check out all of our latest properties to rent HERE>

The Best Of Montreal

Montreal is the largest island city in Québec, Canada and is nestled between the Saint Lawrence River. A city like this is popular to live in and because Montreal is the number one host city for international events, who wouldn’t want to live here?

Where to live…


This is a laidback predominantly French speaking area of Montreal that is home to some of the best townhouses. Plateau-Mont-Royal is in walking distance of some of Montreal’s best restaurants and cafés and one of the advantages of living here is that that downtown is very accessible by all means of public transport or even a leisurely stroll.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal is the oldest area in Montreal, hence its name and dates back to the 17th century. This area of Montreal offer, historical and cultural architecture that certainly appeals to the buyers who aren’t looking for new builds. Old Montreal is home to beautiful old buildings as well as the Notre-Dame Basilica which is almost 200 years old.

West Montreal

Sometimes people may be quick to dismiss the west Montreal when it comes to finding a place to live but there are many advantages of living there. Firstly the rent can be a lot cheaper than the most popular areas of Montreal, secondly it’s more quiet than downtown because you are not in the hustle and bustle of it is all. And thirdly there are so many more outdoor activities available in the west such as skiing, swimming and even soccer.

Top fact about Montreal

Montreal is build around Mont Royal, from where the city received its name. Mont Royal Park, located on the mountain, was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same person who designed New York City’s Central Park. No building in Montreal can be taller than the famous Cross found on Mont Royal! – Geos Montreal.

If you are looking for the perfect place to live in Montreal, whether you like to be in the centre of all the action or like to live in the peace and quiet of the countryside, Landmark Group can help you find your dream property.

Top Tips for Moving House

As a long established Montreal Real Estate Agency we know how stressful it can be to move house, especially for the first time. You might find yourself asking: Where do I start? What do I need? Is there anything I have forgotten? You are not alone.

Did you know that most people have moved home at least 1 – 4 times in their life?

Pick the right Real Estate Agents

To make moving home as stress free as possible you need to firstly choose the right real estate agency, one that has been around a while and has great testimonials. If you are moving home in Montreal, Canada we offer some of the best properties to rent and for sale, our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Top Reasons for moving: 22% of Canadians move because of work-related reasons while 20% are upgrading their home and another 17% move for family reasons.

Time To Declutter

When moving home it’s a great chance to declutter! All that unnecessary storage you have gathered over the years that has no purpose can now be thrown or given away. To make moving easier don’t pack too much clutter and label all boxes efficiently, this will make it easier to decipher which boxes go in which rooms once they arrive at your new home.

When decluttering before a move it’s important to ask yourself:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Why am I keeping it?
  • Do I have a place for it in my new home?
  • When was the last time I used it?

Once you can answer these questions, it’s easier to see what to keep and what to say goodbye to.

Give yourself plenty of time for the Move

Once your mind is made up and you have decided to move, try to give yourself plenty of time to sort through everything. If you have lived in the same place for years you may not realise how much you will have to sort through.

Additional things to consider will be notifying everyone about your change of address. This will include all bill companies that send you letters, your car insurer, bank account, doctors, schools, work etc.

If you would like to know more from the property experts please contact us today on: 514-316-5555 or email us: info@landmark-canada.com

What is your home worth?

It’s important to know exactly how much your home is worth, especially when your are looking to sell your property. You need to remember that wherever you are in the world the real estate market will be different.

Montreal is great for real estate because property sales are up from last year and it is cheaper than buying property in Vancouver and Toronto. Before you find out how much your home is worth you need to know more about the Montreal Real Estate market. Find below some of the top property stats for the Montreal area:

Top real estate stats in Montreal

  • By the end of the first two months in 2017, sales of $1-millon+ homes had increased in Montreal by 13%.
  • Montreal remains considerably more affordable than Toronto and Vancouver. A family home in Montreal will cost approx $319,000, the same home will cost $1.1-million in Toronto and $1.56-million in Vancouver (as of May this year).
  • According to the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board, there has been a 5% increase in properties sold last year (2016) than the year before.

So what is your home worth?

To find out exactly how much your property it worth, you need to get an online evaluation by experts. This is something that we at Landmark Real Estate specialise in. We want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your property so we created this useful Home Evaluation tool. Simply type in your email address, your property details and receive your FREE evaluation today.

Real Estate Help

Are you in need of professional help? Whether you are looking to buy or sell property in Montreal we are here to help. Buying a home is a very complex process and selling can be just as stressful so if you put yourself in the good hands of an expert, all the stress will soon disappear!

For more information on how to buy or sell your property, please contact us today by calling: 514-316-5555 or emailing: info@landmark-canada.com

Canada ranked #1 country in the world for Quality of Life

The study, conducted by U.S. News in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton, broke 80 countries’ overall rankings down by identifying a “set of 65 country attributes – terms that can be used to describe a country and that are also relevant to the success of a modern nation.”

Canada offers the best quality of life

Each of those 65 attributes was then placed into one of nine subcategories that included:

Adventure (3.24 percent): friendly, fun, pleasant climate, scenic, sexy
Citizenship (16.95 percent): cares about human rights, cares about the environment, gender equality, progressive, religious freedom, respects property rights, trustworthy, well-distributed political power
Cultural Influence (12.93 percent): culturally significant in terms of entertainment, fashionable, happy, has an influential culture, modern, prestigious, trendy.

Entrepreneurship (17.42 percent): connected to the rest of the world, educated population, entrepreneurial, innovative, provides easy access to capital, skilled labor force, technological expertise, transparent business
practices, well-developed infrastructure, well-developed legal framework
Heritage (3.17 percent): culturally accessible, has a rich history, has great food, many cultural attractions.

Movers (10.00 percent): different, distinctive, dynamic, unique
Open for Business (11.99 percent): bureaucratic, cheap manufacturing costs, corrupt, favorable tax environment, transparent government practices.

Power (7.42 percent): a leader, economically influential, politically influential, strong international alliances, strong military
Quality of Life (16.89 percent): a good job market, affordable, economically stable, family friendly, income equality, politically stable, safe, well-developed public education system, well-developed public health system.

When the inaugural list of the world’s best countries was released last year at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Canada was also named the #1 country in the world for Quality of Life, the study’s third most heavily weighted category.

In 2017, Canada beat out Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and Norway who all finished in the Quality of Life top 5.

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Our overall ranking of #2 best country in the world in 2017 came from these rankings in the nine subcategories, including that coveted #1 spot in Quality of Life:

Here are the 25 best countries for Quality of Life in 2017

  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Portugal
  • China
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • South Korea

Source: http://dailyhive.com/toronto/canada-quality-of-life-2017#.WMVKqdlqUh8.facebook

Open House event highlights ‘booming’ real-estate market in Montreal

Open House event highlights ‘booming’ real-estate market in Montreal | Montreal Gazette

The baby boomers are doing it again. The generation whose sheer numbers brought us sprawling suburbs, minivans and shopping malls is older now and retiring from their jobs. But boomers are still a force to be reckoned with, at least when it comes to real estate.

For example this year, for the first time in its 21-year history, the Spring Open House will include rental properties designed for seniors.

Fastest growing real estate

The fastest growing segment in the real-estate market is new homes for aging boomers. Among the most active developers in this category is Batimo, with one project opening this weekend in Boisbriand (149 units) and another starting construction this summer in Pointe-Claire (220 units). Each is entirely designed for the 55+ age group. But if you ever meet Mario Daigle, vice-president of Batimo, just remember: Don’t call it a “retirement home”!

“Our buildings are for seniors who are still active,” Daigle said. “They organize their own activities. There is a gym, a pool, a nice restaurant and even a business centre. They want a lot of amenities and convenience, but they don’t want to live in something that looks or feels like a hospital.

“They have owned their own home and no longer want the trouble of running a property,” Daigle adds. “They’re ready to move back into rental. They want to travel and enjoy the money they saved.”

It makes so much sense you wonder why the trend is new in the Montreal region. “It’s only three to five years since the first of these large projects opened here,” says Jacques Beaulieu, organizer of the Open House event. A quick check with Statistics Canada explains the new interest. Look at the demographic shift of households in Quebec by age:

From 2016-2021, the percentage of 55-74 year olds will increase by 1.9%
The percentage of those age 75 and older will increase 3.5%.
Daigle’s confidence in the rental market is backed up by a 2016 CMHC report, which states “Older households, many of whom are returning to the rental market, make up the population segment that will post the strongest growth.”

Rent begins at $1,000/month for a one-bedroom unit at the Batimo building. About 10 per cent of the units are available for sale, “for those still interested in investing,” Daigle said.

Green space and openness

Of course, not all seniors want to rent or live in a high rise. Those with deeper pockets might be drawn to Ambiance Plein Sud, which is also part of the Open House event. It’s right on the Longueuil golf course Parcours Du Cerf, and while few of the residents actually play golf, “they like the green space and openness — not like downtown,” says Nicholas Metsos, President of Groupe Classique.

The company has a lot of experience designing for discerning boomers. The first seniors’ exclusive building went up in 2001, with 90 suites. Now there are six phases and 400 units of middle to high-end properties. “Seniors want an indoor private garage and a private entrance, plus big elevators and big windows.” Metsos describes his clients as confident investors. “Even as they age, they believe that a good home is a safe investment.”

Phase 6 is 65 per cent occupied. Property prices range between $300,000 and $750,000.

The elusive affordable home

There is going to be one heck of a house-warming party in Ahunstic this July. That’s when 189 families and individuals move in to a new development at the corner of L’Acadie and Henri Bourassa Blvds. Cité Signature is one of those rare finds: an “affordable” new home. Units range in price from $139,000 (1 bedroom) to $270,000 (3 bedrooms). (City of Montreal guidelines dictate which properties can be promoted as “affordable” and thus qualify for subsidies.)

“But it’s not just about the price,” says Marc Araish, the project’s director of operations. “It’s a quality build. Hardwood floors, quartz counters, balconies and indoor parking. There’s even a rooftop terrace with barbecues and a hot tub. You don’t often find these features at this price point,” he says.

Indeed, comparable units in Griffintown, for example, cost considerably more, because the land costs more. So “affordable” means … not building downtown.

And there are other incentives. “In a new build, buyers usually have to put five to 10 per cent (of the cost) up front. Not here,” says Araish. “We ask for $2,500 up front, then monthly payments which are more manageable for our clients.”

There’s one more bonus, for first-time homebuyers with children. The City pays the “welcome tax,” an incentive to keep families on the island.

That’s a lot of math, but it adds up to a lot of people finally able to buy their first home.

The project is 85 per cent sold.

Quebec style on display

One of the highlights of Open House events in recent years has been the participation of Quebec furniture designers and makers. Jean-Claude Poitras, Quebec’s best-known multi-discipline artist and designer has made it his mission to develop a “Quebec style” for furniture. “We have always had great craftsmanship. It is part of our heritage,“ says Poitras. “But we lacked design and an identifiable style. As recently as 2015 at these Open House events, there was not a single piece of Quebec furniture displayed.”

Now, under Poitras’s guidance, the Quebec furniture industry is winning major prizes and earning new respect. And this year at the Open House, there is a lot of fine Quebec designed and manufactured furniture in the four model suites.

Visit one or more of the suites. Poitras has identified 19 pieces he loves. You can vote for your favourite piece of Quebec furniture. Prizes include $5,000 worth of furniture, and a set of GE appliances worth $5,000. People can also vote for their favourite model suite design and be eligible to win two airplane tickets to Paris.

reference : http://www.pressreader.com/canada/montreal-gazette/20170401/282187945861589

Montréal residential real estate market logs best March performance since 2012

The Montréal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) saw an annualised 10% increase in residential sales last month as 5,159 of the said properties exchanged hands, according to figures from the Greater Montréal Real Estate Board (GMREB). This marked the most active moth of March since 2012.

“Some first-time buyers purchased their home a bit sooner, wanting to get in before the cost of mortgage loan insurance increased on March 17,” said Daniel Dagenais, president of the GMREB Board of Directors. “This may have slightly inflated the results for March, but the sustained increase in sales in the higher price ranges shows that it is mostly experienced buyers who are setting the tone,” he added.

All of the CMA’s main areas logged an increase in March sales:

  • Vaudreuil-Soulanges: +16%
  • North Shore: +15%
  • Island of Montréal: +9%
  • Laval:  +7%
  • South Shore: +6%

Condominium sales (1,651 transactions) saw the highest annualised increasing (15%) among property categories. More singles family homes were sold (3,080 transactions), but this translated to a 9% increase.
Sales of plexes declined 3%, with just 425 transactions.

“Across the Montréal CMA, the median price of single-family homes stood at $305,000 in March 2017, a 6 per cent increase compared to one year earlier,” said the GMREB. “As for condominiums, the increase was 5 per cent, to reach a median price of $243,232. In contrast, the median price of plexes decreased slightly (-3 per cent) to reach $456,000.”

The number of residential properties in the Montréal CMA listed on the real estate brokers’ Centris system (30,285) decreased by 14%. Market conditions favour sellers for single-family homes, buyers for condominiums, and are balanced for plexes.à

SOURCE: http://www.mortgagebrokernews.ca/news/montreal-residential-real-estate-market-logs-best-march-performance-since-2012-223940.aspx

Benefits of Hiring a Mortgage Broker

Hiring a mortgage broker comes with numerous benefits whether you plan to refinance your current loan or purchase a new house. As a matter of fact, you will have to decide whether to hire a mortgage broker or work directly with a lender. Usually, a broker is referred to as someone who connects the buyer with the seller. They work hard to ensure that they find the best loan package for their clients. Therefore, they work as intermediaries and in most cases, they do everything to ensure that their clients get good value for their money or the fee cost.

Benefits of a mortgage broker

First of all, mortgage brokers are considered as the best choice by lenders. The reason behind this is because they have carried out numerous transactions with various banks hence they have most of their contacts. For example, banks in Montreal also need genuine people making them to have more trust with mortgage brokers Montreal. Therefore, unless you get yourself a good mortgage broker, then you should take note that you are limited to a few banks or lenders. Also, to ensure that your broker is reliable for the loan that you are seeking, make a point of checking their job history just to ensure that they can connect you with the best lenders. Your broker should also be able to access services offered at a discount that you cannot access on your own.

Another advantage of using mortgage brokers is that they offer better flexibility of execution as compared to when you approach the process by yourself. Unlike direct lenders, you will not get locked in one process of getting your mortgage because they offer you much control when it comes to the closing process. In order to overcome credit issues, get the potential for most paper work or leniency and flexibility for closing times, your broker can act as a liaison between you and your bank or lender. By doing this, your broker can easily get you the loan that perfectly meets your needs.

The other benefit of using a broker in Montreal is that their rates are relatively lower. They can go as far as getting you the best package in the city that cannot be easily accessed by the public or you as an individual. They have many contacts and good connections with many lenders and even special programs. The Mortgage Rate Montreal Canada will also let you benefit from his or her services without a large initial cash outlay by frequently pricing their fees into the final closing costs or into the loan’s interest rate.

Hire a mortgage broker

When you hire a mortgage broker, you will also get access to extra services. The reason for this is because many mortgage brokers often offer more than what they are entitled to do for their clients. For example, some of them will help you with some basic credit issues or repair in case you request for their assistance. Also, most of them will always stand by your side in ensuring that you successfully get through the application process to the closing.